Out of Station

2017-06-28 05:06:48 by xyedabz

I was out of station for 2 days for an interview.So i could not post any of my work.

I really have no time to sit infront of my laptop,i am always on the go...thats the reason i wont be able to do pixel art everyday.

:) thanks for following me and commenting on my work :)

i will be posting really high quality work when i get it done :) so stay tuned


2017-05-05 03:55:56 by xyedabz

1 month of pixel art from scratch

i ended up following alot of pixel art streamers on twitch,gained 5 fans(thanks for supporting me)

uploaded 1 pixel art everyday non-stop for 30 days(it wasnt state of the art pixel art :p )

the only problem i guess is that Internet has been distracting me alot plus i dont have alot of motivation to fire up my editorĀ 

when i am doing pixel art i do forget to eat,sleep or what time it is

the only thing i want to change in the upcoming days is to get better everyday than the previous day,lots of practise and highly motivated to fire up my editor and do pixel art for 12-14 hours a day


2017-04-12 01:24:32 by xyedabz

#Day7 i did my first pixel art animation,its a walk cycle

8 frames/sec,i will make better animations later :)


2017-04-05 11:24:00 by xyedabz

#Day1: Learnt about pixel art will be posting one pixel art everyday for 100 days.



2017-03-03 09:48:53 by xyedabz

Hi,I am a Unity C# programmer.